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Nepal SD Card Leadership Materials February 2014

Help for New Christians Leading New Churches in Asia

“I travel to more than 12 rural villages to preach the Gospel. In the past five years, 60 people have accepted the Lord and been baptized.” Pastor Sanjeev. »»

South Sudan Refugee Camp

Answered Prayer for Training in South Sudan

A couple of weeks ago we asked for prayer for a special training of Sudanese pastors and children’s ministers who are called tor reach some 300,000 elementary-age children in refugee camps. Now they’re equipped with the Children-at-Risk program »»

Shining Stars Club-Meeting in Courtyard, next to a trash dump

Miracle in a Trash Dump

Bad news clogs the airwaves these days. Fatigue has crept in as wars, civil unrest, persecution, and families torn apart vie for our attention. Yet in the midst of chaos, God is still in control and still performing miracles. »»

South Sudan Children

Urgent Prayer Request for Outreach in South Sudan and Uganda

The eight-year old girl painfully recounted losing her mother, father, brother, sister, and grandparents. She witnessed her mother’s shooting. »»

Pakistan boy with Story of Jesus

Jesus’ Smallest Fans in Pakistan

Ruby. Tania. Asif. Anwar. Fulshan. These are fans of Jesus. They are children who live in Pakistan and recently came across some really great news. »»

Hope Club friends

The Courage of Girls

Girls watch their backs. Sexual assault, trafficking, and forced child marriage seem to lurk around every corner, especially in developing nations where there is little protection against predators. »»

Slum village in India

Hope for a Young Breadwinner

Serving as the family breadwinner is a role fraught with pressure. Yet children the world over are enlisted to help their families make ends meet. The experience has been especially hard for 12 year-old Anika. »»

Shalom Club

“Untouchables”—Touched by Jesus and His People in India

“Unclean! Unclean!”—this is how a person with leprosy was required to announce their presence when they came in contact with others in ancient times. Not much has changed today. »»

India Church Dervice

God’s Power and Goodness Triumph Over Evil in One Man’s Life

Baiju was born to orthodox Hindu parents. One day two pastors came to his small village to pray for a mentally ill man who desperately needed help. Enraged by their presence, Baiju threw rocks at them. »»

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Free quick guides for spiritual formation.Free quick guides for spiritual formation.Free quick guides for spiritual formation.

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