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Ishka's Club with Action Bible

Discovering Christ’s Love in the Pages of The Action Bible

Mamathe Children’s Home has been providing love and care to orphans in India since 2004—orphans like Ishka, who has lived there since her mom dropped her off at age two. »»

Guatemala Children Reading Story of Jesus

A God-Sized Opportunity

Recently, we shared how missionaries David and Helen Ekstrom used The Story of Jesus to reach the next generation in Guatemala with the gospel. Helen writes: »»

Story of Jesus in Guatemala

Seeing and Storytelling: God’s Word for Oral Learners

Mayan communities in Guatemala are steeped in rich oral tradition and indigenous languages. Not only is storytelling deeply rooted in their history, »»

Kenya Children

To Transform a Community, Invest in the Kids

William’s heart for kids in Kenyan slums is rooted in his own childhood. He himself grew up in Korigocha, a slum outside Nairobi. »»

Mother and Child with Nepal Earthquake Booklet cover

Helping Communities Heal: After the Earthquake

The earthquake in Nepal affected thousands of children, many of whom are suffering from the emotional trauma of living through a natural disaster. »»

India baptism

Comfort in the Wake of Tragedy: Equipping Pastors in India and Nepal

As we hear in the news of earthquakes rattling Nepal and parts of India, our mission to equip local pastors is more urgent than ever. »»

Rwanda Life on Life Class

A Growing Discipleship Ministry for Children

In collaboration with church leaders in over a dozen African nations, we have adapted Children at Risk resources for local churches under a new name, Life on Life Discipleship for Children. »»

Ghana Kids and the Story of Jesus

A Spiritual Remedy for the Effects of Ebola

Last fall as the Ebola virus continued to spread in West Africa, mission-minded donors received word of an urgent global initiative to deliver The Story of Jesus to churches in Ghana. »»

Boy Praying in Nepal

Pray for Nepal

I’m sure by now you are aware of the terrible earthquake and following devastation that happened in Nepal this past weekend. Praise be to God that our friends and partners in ministry are safe. »»

Children with Sign, Jesus helps countries affected by Ebola. Liberia - Sierra Leone - Guinea

Answers Amidst Suffering

The Ebola crisis in West Africa may have already orphaned an estimated 10,000 children, leaving many mission and humanitarian organizations feeling almost helpless in its wake. »»

Action Bible Iran

The Action Bible in Iran

While Iran is a difficult place for Christians, a ministry director like Azar will smile and tell you that Iran is at the center of some of the greatest things God is doing.  »»

Hand holding an SD card

A Resource Library for Pastors in India and Nepal

A few weeks ago, we shared how God is touching hearts in India and Nepal with the gospel and raising up leaders like Pastor Rajan Neupane. »»

Cris and Pastor Rajan Neupane

From Nepal: A Pastor’s Perspective

Pastor Rajan Neupane’s conversion to Christianity could have landed him in a Nepali prison twenty years ago. But today, stories like his reverberate throughout the entire region: »»

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