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Encouragement for Those Serving in Hard Places

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson. »»

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Courage for Uncertain Times

These are uncertain times for orphans in India, especially as a new government places restrictions on orphanages run by religious minorities such as Christians. »»

Malawi children reading The Story of Jesus

Living Water for Malawi

“In our churches we believe for someone to be saved, he or she needs to jump on a burning fire without getting burned. Then that person is said to have received Jesus.” This is a piece of a Malawian woman’s Christian testimony. »»


Once Burned, a Young Boy Faces Fire for Jesus

Shiva remembers the screams as his father burned his mother alive. He was badly hurt as he tried to pull his mother from the fire. While the night will be etched in his heart forever, God got a hold of young Shiva and is redeeming his life one day at a time. »»

Birungi in Uganda

Teen Learns Lesson on Pain and Death

Choking sobs marked each part of the 13 year-old Ugandan girl’s story. Her name is Birungi and she told her classmates how she has suffered alongside her mother. »»

Quarantined Ebola Children

Preventing Ebola from Stealing Children’s Hearts

Five Liberian children pose for a picture. It’s a fearful, uncertain time for them. They’ve been exposed to a virus ravaging their country. They are sequestered and don’t know if their parents, siblings and friends are still alive. »»

Patma and Adi

Little Children, Growing Faith, and a Mighty God

“Keep away from our children, stop luring them in!” Patma’s father shouted as he shoved The Action Bible into the hands of the teacher leading the J127 Club. He took Patma’s hand and pulled her along down the street. »»

Guatemala Children with Story of Jesus

Public School Children Hear The Story of Jesus

The Guatemalan government has opened up doors for The Story of Jesus booklet to be used in public schools as history and values education. Thousands of children are hearing the Gospel, many for the first time. »»

Story of Jesus in Bihar India

From Graveyard to Vineyard

Bihar, India was once labeled the “Graveyard of Missions.” Now, indigenous Christians at the forefront of a revival are calling their homeland the “Vineyard of Missions.” »»

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Free quick guides for spiritual formation.Free quick guides for spiritual formation.Free quick guides for spiritual formation.

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